Williams-Sonoma Inc


New York Stock Exchange. Currency in USD

115.58 +3.87 ( +3.46% )

Real time prices: December 19

Date 2022 2021 2020 2019
Assets 4.63B 4.66B 4.05B 2.81B
Current Assets 2.32B 2.47B 1.76B 1.69B
Cash and Cash Equivalents 850.34M 1.20B 432.16M 338.95M
Cash And Short Term Investments 850.34M 1.20B 432.16M 338.95M
Inventory 1.25B 1.01B 1.10B 1.12B
Current Net Receivables 131.68M 143.73M 111.74M 107.10M
Non Current Assets 2.30B 2.19B 2.25B 1.07B
Property Plant and Equipment 920.77M 873.89M 929.04M 929.63M
Accumulated Depreciation and Amortization 2.06B 1.95B 1.88B 1.81B
Intangible Assets 85.35M 85.45M 85.34M 85.38M
Intangible Assets Excluding Goodwill - - - -
Goodwill 85.35M 85.45M 85.34M 85.38M
Investments 1.66B 1.95B 1.54B 1.46B
Long Term Investments - - - -
Short Term Investments - - - -
Other Current Assets 26.25M 22.89M 20.77M 21.94M
Other Non Current Assets 106.25M 87.14M 69.67M 59.43M
Other Non Current Assets 106.25M 87.14M 69.67M 59.43M
Liabilities 2.96B 3.01B 2.82B 1.66B
Current Liabilities 1.77B 1.85B 1.61B 1.07B
Current Accounts Payable 612.51M 542.99M 521.24M 526.70M
Deferred Revenue 447.77M 373.16M - -
Current Debt - 299.35M 527.74M -
Short Term Debt 217.41M 509.10M 527.74M 0
Non Current Liabilities 1.22B 1.18B 1.18B 380.94M
Capital Lease Obligations 1.28B 1.23B 1.32B -
Long Term Debt 0 0 0 0
Current Long Term Debt 0 299.35M 299.82M -
Non Current Long Term Debt - 0 - 299.62M
Other Current Liabilities 94.52M 85.67M 73.46M 72.64M
Other Non Current Liabilities 106.53M 116.57M 86.39M 81.32M
Equity 1.66B 1.65B 1.24B 1.16B
Treasury Stock 711,000 599,000 941,000 235,000
Retained Earnings 1.07B 1.02B 644.79M 584.33M
Shares Outstanding 71.98M 76.34M 77.14M 78.81M
Net Income 1.13B 680.71M 356.06M 333.68M