Virtu Financial Inc


NASDAQ. Currency in USD

22.41 +0.50 ( +2.35% )

Real time prices: December 05

Date 2021 2020 2019 2018 2017
Assets 10.32B 9.97B 9.61B 7.38B 7.32B
Current Assets 1.19B 1.04B 771.46M 777.15M 648.09M
Cash and Cash Equivalents 1.07B 889.56M 732.16M 729.55M 532.89M
Cash And Short Term Investments 1.15B 955.59M 732.16M 736.05M 532.89M
Inventory - - - - 2.71B
Current Net Receivables 37.20M 83.10M 39.30M 41.10M 115.20M
Non Current Assets 1.93B 2.07B 2.32B 1.03B 1.11B
Property Plant and Equipment 314.92M 382.45M 116.09M 113.32M 137.02M
Accumulated Depreciation and Amortization - - 457.23M 323.72M 375.66M
Intangible Assets 1.54B 1.60B 1.68B 920.58M 956.11M
Intangible Assets Excluding Goodwill 386.30M 454.50M 529.60M 84.00M 111.22M
Goodwill 1.15B 1.15B 1.15B 836.58M 844.88M
Investments 1.35B 1.49B 1.93B 1.40B 1.49B
Long Term Investments 1.47B 1.45B 4.84B 4.06B 18.80M
Short Term Investments 81.36M 66.03M 46.24M 6.50M 4.18B
Other Current Assets -4.21B -3.00B -2.72B -2.64B 55.07M
Other Non Current Assets 291.31M 317.75M 252.64M 254.15M 357.35M
Other Non Current Assets 291.31M 317.75M 252.64M 254.15M 357.35M
Liabilities 8.46B 8.11B 8.38B 5.89B 6.17B
Current Liabilities 1.22B 1.05B 2.08B 1.16B 782.57M
Current Accounts Payable 457.94M 491.82M 399.17M 294.98M 358.82M
Deferred Revenue 9.20M 9.30M 8.60M - -
Current Debt 61.50M 64.69M 473.20M 15.13M 27.88M
Short Term Debt 61.50M 64.69M 73.49M 15.13M 27.88M
Non Current Liabilities 65,000 11.69M 13.37M 4.51B 4.53B
Capital Lease Obligations 278.75M 11.69M 13.37M - -
Long Term Debt 1.61B 1.64B 1.92B 907.04M 1.39B
Current Long Term Debt 575.84M 525.92M 73.49M 15.13M 27.88M
Non Current Long Term Debt 1.61B 1.67B 1.97B 916.47M -
Other Current Liabilities 626.52M 995.27M 916.47M 567.44M 863.25M
Other Non Current Liabilities 3.51B 3.97B 3.87B 3.27B 3.28B
Equity 1.55B 1.47B 931.37M 1.05B 830.57M
Treasury Stock 494.07M 88.92M 55.01M 55.01M 11.04M
Retained Earnings 830.54M 422.38M -90.37M 96.51M -62.13M
Shares Outstanding 112.64M 123.50M 117.81M 106.97M 89.36M
Net Income 476.88M 649.20M -58.59M 289.44M 2.94M