Prudential Public Limited Company


New York Stock Exchange. Currency in USD

25.60 -0.16 ( -0.62% )

Real time prices: December 19

Date 2021 2020 2019 2018
Assets 199.10B 516.10B 454.21B 645.42B
Current Assets 27.92B 80.16B 44.23B 112.97B
Cash and Cash Equivalents 3.73B 8.02B 6.96B 442.85M
Cash And Short Term Investments 3.73B 8.02B 6.96B 442.85M
Inventory - - - 0
Current Net Receivables 1.80B 2.69B 2.33B 5.41B
Non Current Assets 171.18B 435.94B 409.98B 532.45B
Property Plant and Equipment 478.00M 893.00M 1.06B 1.79B
Accumulated Depreciation and Amortization - - - 0
Intangible Assets 6.86B 20.34B 17.48B 15.13B
Intangible Assets Excluding Goodwill 6.86B 20.34B 17.48B 15.13B
Goodwill 907.00M 961.00M 969.00M 2.36B
Investments 23.73B 29.46B 27.09B 37.73B
Long Term Investments 163.36B 410.89B 386.40B 509.88B
Short Term Investments 226.00M 34.65B - 0
Other Current Assets 23.96B 37.49B 37.27B 112.53B
Other Non Current Assets - -435.94B -409.98B -532.45B
Other Non Current Assets - -435.94B -409.98B -532.45B
Liabilities 181.84B 493.98B 434.55B 623.51B
Current Liabilities 1.62B 2.80B 3.35B 3.60B
Current Accounts Payable 1.12B 2.30B 2.83B 3.00B
Deferred Revenue - - - -
Current Debt - - - -
Short Term Debt 500.00M 501.00M 520.00M 598.92M
Non Current Liabilities 9.35B 14.65B 12.96B 20.50B
Capital Lease Obligations 347.00M 496.00M 630.00M 144.66M
Long Term Debt 6.14B 8.08B 7.04B 15.31B
Current Long Term Debt 500.00M 501.00M 520.00M 598.92M
Non Current Long Term Debt - - - -
Other Current Liabilities -185.00M -280.00M -396.00M -720.74M
Other Non Current Liabilities - - - 0
Equity 17.09B 20.88B 19.48B 21.89B
Treasury Stock - - - 0
Retained Earnings 10.22B 14.42B 13.57B 18.03B
Shares Outstanding 2.75B 2.61B 2.60B 18.02B
Net Income -2.04B 2.12B 783.00M 3.82B