Palo Alto Networks Inc


NASDAQ. Currency in USD

150.52 -0.48 ( -0.32% )

Real time prices: December 19

Date 2022 2021 2020 2019 2018
Assets 12.25B 10.24B 9.07B 6.59B 5.95B
Current Assets 6.41B 4.65B 5.13B 3.66B 4.14B
Cash and Cash Equivalents 2.12B 1.87B 2.96B 961.40M 2.51B
Cash And Short Term Investments 3.63B 2.90B 3.75B 2.80B 3.40B
Inventory - - - - 0
Current Net Receivables 2.25B 1.32B 1.04B 582.40M 467.30M
Non Current Assets 3.28B 5.79B 3.94B 2.93B 2.24B
Property Plant and Equipment 357.80M 318.40M 348.10M 296.00M 273.10M
Accumulated Depreciation and Amortization 469.70M 399.00M 321.00M 244.20M 161.90M
Intangible Assets 384.50M 498.60M 2.17B 1.63B 663.60M
Intangible Assets Excluding Goodwill 384.50M 498.60M 358.20M 280.60M 140.80M
Goodwill 2.75B 2.71B 1.81B 1.35B 522.80M
Investments 2.83B 2.18B 1.69B 2.50B 3.41B
Long Term Investments 1.05B 888.30M 554.40M 575.40M 547.50M
Short Term Investments 1.52B 1.03B 789.80M 1.84B 896.50M
Other Current Assets 637.90M 505.80M 344.30M 279.30M 261.30M
Other Non Current Assets 1.05B 916.00M 603.90M 423.10M 206.80M
Other Non Current Assets 1.05B 916.00M 603.90M 423.10M 206.80M
Liabilities 12.04B 9.48B 7.96B 5.01B 4.79B
Current Liabilities 8.31B 5.12B 2.69B 2.05B 2.10B
Current Accounts Payable 128.00M 56.90M 63.60M 73.30M 49.40M
Deferred Revenue 6.99B 5.02B 3.81B 2.89B 2.36B
Current Debt 3.68B 1.56B 57.90M - 550.40M
Short Term Debt 3.68B 1.56B - - 550.40M
Non Current Liabilities 3.74B 4.36B 5.27B 2.95B 2.70B
Capital Lease Obligations 276.10M 313.40M 336.60M - -
Long Term Debt 3.68B 3.23B 3.08B 1.43B 1.92B
Current Long Term Debt 3.68B 1.56B 0 0 550.40M
Non Current Long Term Debt 0 1.67B 3.08B 1.43B 1.37B
Other Current Liabilities 860.30M 760.00M 579.00M 397.90M 270.70M
Other Non Current Liabilities 108.40M 97.70M 90.10M 216.00M 229.60M
Equity 210.00M 634.50M 1.10B 1.59B 1.16B
Treasury Stock - - - - 0
Retained Earnings -1.67B -1.67B -1.17B -900.90M -984.60M
Shares Outstanding 99.60M 97.30M 96.30M 96.80M 93.60M
Net Income -267.00M -498.90M -267.00M -81.90M -122.20M