New York Stock Exchange. Currency in USD

33.34 -0.48 ( -1.42% )

Real time prices: December 05

Date 2021 2020 2019 2018 2017
Assets 35.51B 36.41B 40.43B 39.33B 19.50B
Current Assets 1.51B 1.51B 1.48B 1.44B 559.00M
Cash and Cash Equivalents 13.00M 15.00M 15.00M 77.00M 5.00M
Cash And Short Term Investments 13.00M 15.00M 15.00M 68.00M 5.00M
Inventory 142.00M 118.00M 110.00M 77.00M 65.00M
Current Net Receivables 1.30B 452.00M 593.00M 706.00M 452.00M
Non Current Assets 33.83B 34.39B 38.75B 21.98B 18.97B
Property Plant and Equipment 20.04B 21.22B 22.14B 21.52B 12.19B
Accumulated Depreciation and Amortization 6.50B 5.66B 4.72B 3.69B 2.27B
Intangible Assets 8.49B 8.62B 10.81B 11.38B 2.70B
Intangible Assets Excluding Goodwill 831.00M 959.00M 1.27B 1.36B 453.00M
Goodwill 7.66B 7.66B 9.54B 10.02B 2.25B
Investments 3.98B 4.04B 5.28B 4.17B 4.01B
Long Term Investments 3.98B 4.04B 5.28B 4.17B 4.01B
Short Term Investments - 4.04B - - 4.00M
Other Current Assets 698.00M 65.00M 110.00M 98.00M 37.00M
Other Non Current Assets 21.17B 489.00M 22.86B 14.70B 12.23B
Other Non Current Assets 21.17B 489.00M 22.86B 14.70B 12.23B
Liabilities 22.49B 22.43B 22.85B 20.59B 8.53B
Current Liabilities 3.35B 2.09B 2.13B 2.27B 1.30B
Current Accounts Payable 172.00M 152.00M 242.00M 266.00M 151.00M
Deferred Revenue 664.00M 607.00M 437.00M 80.00M 47.00M
Current Debt 499.00M 764.00M 9.00M 513.00M 1,000,000
Short Term Debt 558.00M 828.00M - 513.00M 1,000,000
Non Current Liabilities 18.77B 19.95B 19.92B 13.40B 6.99B
Capital Lease Obligations 493.00M 537.00M 599.00M - -
Long Term Debt 19.16B 6.50B 19.87B 1.14B 123.00M
Current Long Term Debt 499.00M 764.00M 66.00M 513.00M 1,000,000
Non Current Long Term Debt 18.66B 20.24B 19.80B 18.51B 6.97B
Other Current Liabilities 176.00M 150.00M 127.00M 645.00M 81.00M
Other Non Current Liabilities - 527.00M 592.00M - -
Equity 13.02B 13.98B 17.58B 18.73B 10.97B
Treasury Stock - - - - 0
Retained Earnings 3.08B - - - 0
Shares Outstanding 1.02B 1.04B 1.06B 794.00M 407.00M
Net Income 3.08B -720.00M 1.03B 1.82B 794.00M