McCormick & Company Incorporated


New York Stock Exchange. Currency in USD

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Real time prices: September 23

Date 2021 2020 2019 2018 2017
Assets 12.91B 12.09B 10.36B 10.26B 10.39B
Current Assets 2.20B 2.08B 1.55B 1.48B 1.62B
Cash and Cash Equivalents 351.70M 423.60M 155.40M 96.60M 186.80M
Cash And Short Term Investments 351.70M 423.60M 155.40M 96.60M 186.80M
Inventory 1.18B 1.03B 801.20M 786.30M 793.30M
Current Net Receivables 549.50M 528.50M 502.90M 518.10M 555.10M
Non Current Assets 10.31B 9.64B 8.43B 8.51B 8.50B
Property Plant and Equipment 1.14B 1.03B 952.60M 941.50M 809.10M
Accumulated Depreciation and Amortization 1.06B 985.40M 867.00M 799.90M 1.06B
Intangible Assets 8.79B 8.23B 7.35B 7.40B 7.56B
Intangible Assets Excluding Goodwill 3.45B 3.24B 2.85B 2.87B 3.07B
Goodwill 5.34B 4.99B 4.51B 4.53B 4.49B
Investments 9.69B 8.83B 7.77B 7.87B 7.59B
Long Term Investments 137.30M 129.90M 124.40M 120.80M 127.00M
Short Term Investments - - - - 0
Other Current Assets 70.60M 60.90M 54.70M 51.70M 49.40M
Other Non Current Assets 202.20M 176.30M 120.30M 102.20M 107.90M
Other Non Current Assets 202.20M 176.30M 120.30M 102.20M 107.90M
Liabilities 8.48B 8.15B 6.91B 7.07B 7.81B
Current Liabilities 3.22B 3.05B 2.15B 2.00B 1.95B
Current Accounts Payable 1.06B 1.03B 846.90M 710.00M 639.90M
Deferred Revenue - - - - -
Current Debt 1.32B 1.16B 698.40M 643.50M 583.20M
Short Term Debt 539.10M 886.70M 600.70M 560.00M 257.60M
Non Current Liabilities 5.75B 5.73B 5.08B 5.29B 4.51B
Capital Lease Obligations 118.20M 125.50M - - -
Long Term Debt 4.74B 4.02B 3.72B 4.14B 4.77B
Current Long Term Debt 770.30M 263.90M 97.70M 83.50M 325.60M
Non Current Long Term Debt 3.97B 3.75B 3.63B 4.05B 4.44B
Other Current Liabilities 850.20M 863.60M 609.10M 648.20M 724.20M
Other Non Current Liabilities 490.90M 622.20M 427.60M 313.10M 329.20M
Equity 4.41B 3.93B 3.44B 3.17B 2.57B
Treasury Stock - - - - 0
Retained Earnings 2.78B 2.42B 2.06B 1.76B 1.17B
Shares Outstanding 267.60M 666.70M 132.90M 131.80M 130.70M
Net Income 755.30M 747.40M 702.70M 933.40M 477.40M