Liberty Tripadvisor Holdings Inc


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Real time prices: November 28

Date 2021 2020 2019 2018 2017
Gross Profit 40.00M -710.00M 243.00M 484.00M -1.50B
Revenue 841.00M 551.00M 1.57B 1.61B 1.57B
Cost Of Revenue 801.00M 1.26B 1.33B 1.13B 3.03B
Cost Of Goods And Services Sold 286.00M 275.00M 388.00M 361.00M 329.00M
Operating Income -185.00M -932.00M -159.00M 128.00M -1.79B
Selling General And Administrative 651.00M 502.00M 874.00M 966.00M 1.02B
Research And Development - - - - -
Operating Expenses 801.00M 1.26B 1.33B 1.13B 3.05B
Investment Income Net - - - - -
Net Interest Income -60.00M -41.00M -22.00M -26.00M -25.00M
Interest Income - - 14.00M 85.00M 1,000,000
Interest Expense 60.00M 41.00M 22.00M 26.00M 25.00M
Non Interest Income 896.00M 589.00M 1.59B -65.00M -17.00M
Other Non Operating Income -11.00M -22.00M 13.00M 5.00M -17.00M
Depreciation - - - - -
Depreciation And Amortization 150.00M 168.00M 169.00M 160.00M 213.00M
Income Before Tax 136.00M -390.00M -38.00M -7.00M -626.00M
Income Tax Expense -43.00M -152.00M -16.00M 57.00M -229.00M
Interest And Debt Expense 60.00M 41.00M 22.00M 26.00M 25.00M
Net Income From Continuing Operations 38.00M -862.00M -116.00M -9.00M -1.58B
Comprehensive Income Net Of Tax 181.00M -232.00M -22.00M -70.00M -384.00M
Ebitda 346.00M -181.00M 153.00M 179.00M -388.00M
Ebit 196.00M -349.00M -16.00M 19.00M -601.00M
Net Income 179.00M -238.00M -22.00M -64.00M -397.00M