Liberty Tripadvisor Holdings Inc


NASDAQ. Currency in USD

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Real time prices: November 28

Date 2021 2020 2019 2018 2017
Assets 4.38B 4.09B 4.73B 5.22B 5.48B
Current Assets 976.00M 579.00M 557.00M 932.00M 1.04B
Cash and Cash Equivalents 760.00M 423.00M 341.00M 672.00M 695.00M
Cash And Short Term Investments 760.00M 423.00M 341.00M 672.00M 730.00M
Inventory - - - 0 0
Current Net Receivables 153.00M 120.00M 176.00M 205.00M 230.00M
Non Current Assets 3.41B 3.52B 4.35B 4.29B 4.47B
Property Plant and Equipment 118.00M 132.00M 155.00M 154.00M 165.00M
Accumulated Depreciation and Amortization - - 99.00M 80.00M 61.00M
Intangible Assets 3.08B 3.17B 3.78B 4.02B 4.10B
Intangible Assets Excluding Goodwill 863.00M 934.00M 1.26B 1.58B 1.65B
Goodwill 2.22B 2.24B 2.53B 2.44B 2.44B
Investments 901.00M 448.00M 673.00M 823.00M 1.14B
Long Term Investments - - - 0 27.00M
Short Term Investments - - 15.00M 15.00M 35.00M
Other Current Assets 26.00M 23.00M 29.00M 48.00M 120.00M
Other Non Current Assets 199.00M 201.00M 230.00M 118.00M 1.42B
Other Non Current Assets 199.00M 201.00M 230.00M 118.00M 1.42B
Liabilities 2.25B 1.31B 1.43B 1.49B 1.73B
Current Liabilities 356.00M 242.00M 437.00M 613.00M 372.00M
Current Accounts Payable 140.00M 340.00M 459.00M 469.00M 631.00M
Deferred Revenue 36.00M 28.00M 62.00M - 60.00M
Current Debt 6.00M 5.00M 25.00M 220.00M 7.00M
Short Term Debt 85.00M 220.00M - 220.00M 7.00M
Non Current Liabilities 1.77B 1.18B 1.13B 875.00M 1.36B
Capital Lease Obligations 65.00M 71.00M 78.00M - -
Long Term Debt 1.14B 532.00M 353.00M 487.00M 711.00M
Current Long Term Debt - - 20.00M 220.00M 7.00M
Non Current Long Term Debt 1.14B 532.00M 353.00M 267.00M 704.00M
Other Current Liabilities 320.00M 214.00M 375.00M 7.00M 6.00M
Other Non Current Liabilities 309.00M 339.00M 381.00M 283.00M 323.00M
Equity 2.13B 2.78B 320.00M 336.00M 424.00M
Treasury Stock - - - 0 0
Retained Earnings -469.00M -278.00M 111.00M 133.00M 196.00M
Shares Outstanding 77.00M 75.00M 75.00M 74.00M 75.00M
Net Income 179.00M -238.00M -22.00M -64.00M -397.00M