Leidos Holdings Inc


New York Stock Exchange. Currency in USD

106.85 -2.23 ( -2.04% )

Real time prices: December 09

Date 2022 2021 2020 2019 2018 2017
Assets 13.26B 13.26B 12.51B 9.37B 8.77B 8.99B
Current Assets 3.62B 3.62B 3.34B 2.81B 2.84B 2.67B
Cash and Cash Equivalents 727.00M 727.00M 524.00M 668.00M 327.00M 390.00M
Cash And Short Term Investments 727.00M 727.00M 524.00M 668.00M 327.00M 390.00M
Inventory 274.00M 274.00M 276.00M 72.00M 239.00M 76.00M
Current Net Receivables 2.19B 2.19B 2.14B 1.73B 1.88B 1.67B
Non Current Assets 9.64B 9.05B 9.17B 6.55B 5.96B 6.43B
Property Plant and Equipment 1.28B 670.00M 604.00M 287.00M 232.00M 232.00M
Accumulated Depreciation and Amortization - - - - 349.00M 314.00M
Intangible Assets 1.18B 7.92B 7.53B 5.44B 5.51B 5.83B
Intangible Assets Excluding Goodwill - 1.18B 1.22B 530.00M 652.00M 856.00M
Goodwill 6.74B 6.74B 6.31B 4.91B 4.86B 4.97B
Investments 9.37B 25.00M 15.00M 2.00M 26.00M 74.00M
Long Term Investments 25.00M 25.00M 15.00M 19.00M 26.00M 37.00M
Short Term Investments - - - - 32.00M 20.00M
Other Current Assets 429.00M 429.00M 402.00M 338.00M 543.00M 453.00M
Other Non Current Assets 414.00M 443.00M 223.00M -14.00M 34.00M -327.00M
Other Non Current Assets 414.00M 443.00M 223.00M -14.00M 34.00M -327.00M
Liabilities 8.92B 8.92B 8.64B 5.95B 5.46B 5.62B
Current Liabilities 3.23B 3.23B 2.91B 2.33B 2.06B 2.20B
Current Accounts Payable 692.00M 692.00M 731.00M 592.00M 547.00M 557.00M
Deferred Revenue - 388.00M 501.00M 409.00M 286.00M 17.00M
Current Debt - 483.00M 100.00M 61.00M - 55.00M
Short Term Debt 483.00M 380.00M 61.00M 72.00M 55.00M 62.00M
Non Current Liabilities 5.69B 5.71B 5.75B 3.30B 3.41B 3.47B
Capital Lease Obligations - 43.00M 5.00M 2.00M - -
Long Term Debt - 4.70B 4.73B 2.97B 6.20B 6.26B
Current Long Term Debt - 94.00M 94.00M 56.00M 72.00M 55.00M
Non Current Long Term Debt - - - - - -
Other Current Liabilities 1.69B 1.59B 1.68B 1.16B 1.57B 1.34B
Other Non Current Liabilities 267.00M 267.00M 291.00M 182.00M 129.00M 129.00M
Equity 4.29B 4.29B 3.86B 3.41B 3.31B 3.37B
Treasury Stock - - - - 0 0
Retained Earnings 1.88B 1.88B 1.33B 896.00M -7.00M -177.00M
Shares Outstanding 143.00M 143.00M 144.00M 145.00M 153.00M 154.00M
Net Income - 753.00M 628.00M 667.00M 581.00M 366.00M