Hyatt Hotels Corporation


New York Stock Exchange. Currency in USD

94.32 -1.59 ( -1.66% )

Real time prices: December 19

Date 2021 2020 2019 2018
Assets 12.60B 9.13B 8.42B 8.04B
Current Assets 2.06B 2.56B 1.71B 1.34B
Cash and Cash Equivalents 960.00M 1.21B 893.00M 570.00M
Cash And Short Term Investments 1.19B 1.88B 961.00M 570.00M
Inventory 10.00M 9.00M 12.00M 14.00M
Current Net Receivables 633.00M 316.00M 421.00M 427.00M
Non Current Assets 10.60B 6.59B 6.74B 6.30B
Property Plant and Equipment 2.85B 3.13B 3.46B 3.61B
Accumulated Depreciation and Amortization 2.32B 2.35B 2.15B -
Intangible Assets 4.94B 673.00M 763.00M 808.00M
Intangible Assets Excluding Goodwill 1.98B 385.00M 437.00M 525.00M
Goodwill 2.96B 288.00M 326.00M 283.00M
Investments 269.00M 341.00M 290.00M 5.30B
Long Term Investments 216.00M 260.00M 232.00M 246.00M
Short Term Investments 227.00M 675.00M 68.00M 116.00M
Other Current Assets 232.00M 356.00M 312.00M 218.00M
Other Non Current Assets 1.34B 1.11B 1.01B 864.00M
Other Non Current Assets 1.34B 1.11B 1.01B 864.00M
Liabilities 9.04B 5.92B 4.45B 4.37B
Current Liabilities 2.23B 984.00M 1.09B 1.06B
Current Accounts Payable 523.00M 102.00M 150.00M 150.00M
Deferred Revenue 5.05B 1.88B 1.84B -
Current Debt 10.00M 260.00M 11.00M -
Short Term Debt 45.00M 260.00M 11.00M 11.00M
Non Current Liabilities 7.81B 5.75B 4.12B 2.90B
Capital Lease Obligations 6.00M 7.00M 9.00M -
Long Term Debt 7.98B 6.51B 3.25B 1.62B
Current Long Term Debt 9.00M 258.00M 9.00M 11.00M
Non Current Long Term Debt 3.97B 2.98B 1.61B -
Other Current Liabilities 486.00M 340.00M 480.00M 511.00M
Other Non Current Liabilities 1.14B 911.00M 884.00M 791.00M
Equity 3.56B 3.21B 3.96B 3.67B
Treasury Stock - - - -
Retained Earnings 3.17B 3.39B 4.17B 3.82B
Shares Outstanding 110.15M 101.36M 102.68M 115.10M
Net Income -222.00M -703.00M 766.00M 769.00M