Fidelity National Financial Inc


New York Stock Exchange. Currency in USD

36.40 -0.49 ( -1.33% )

Real time prices: December 19

Date 2021 2020 2019 2018
Assets 60.69B 50.45B 10.68B 9.30B
Current Assets 4.85B 31.07B 2.25B 1.74B
Cash and Cash Equivalents 4.36B 2.72B 1.38B 1.26B
Cash And Short Term Investments 4.85B 31.07B 2.25B 1.74B
Inventory - - - -
Current Net Receivables 4.29B 3.65B 346.00M 310.00M
Non Current Assets 8.69B 7.20B 4.02B 3.67B
Property Plant and Equipment 185.00M 180.00M 176.00M 164.00M
Accumulated Depreciation and Amortization 483.00M 448.00M 428.00M 403.00M
Intangible Assets 5.06B 5.04B 3.15B 3.24B
Intangible Assets Excluding Goodwill 523.00M 540.00M 422.00M 513.00M
Goodwill 4.54B 4.50B 2.73B 2.73B
Investments 42.77B 35.05B 4.38B 3.55B
Long Term Investments 3.06B 1.78B 284.00M 272.00M
Short Term Investments 491.00M 28.36B 876.00M 480.00M
Other Current Assets -25.65B -31.73B -2.93B -2.79B
Other Non Current Assets -10.79B -32.76B -3.45B -2.73B
Other Non Current Assets -10.79B -32.76B -3.45B -2.73B
Liabilities 51.23B 42.06B 4.97B 4.33B
Current Liabilities 3.51B 5.06B 4.46B 3.83B
Current Accounts Payable 129.00M 115.00M 44.00M 35.00M
Deferred Revenue 144.00M 117.00M 111.00M 105.00M
Current Debt - - - -
Short Term Debt 3.51B 952.00M 0 0
Non Current Liabilities 205.00M 300.00M 284.00M 227.00M
Capital Lease Obligations 414.00M 414.00M 442.00M -
Long Term Debt 3.10B 2.66B 838.00M 836.00M
Current Long Term Debt - - - -
Non Current Long Term Debt - - 918.00M 868.00M
Other Current Liabilities 4.96B 4.87B 4.39B 3.78B
Other Non Current Liabilities 43.49B 35.84B 1.95B 1.49B
Equity 9.41B 8.35B 5.38B 4.63B
Treasury Stock 1.54B 1.07B 598.00M 498.00M
Retained Earnings 4.37B 2.39B 1.36B 641.00M
Shares Outstanding 285.00M 293.00M 278.00M 277.00M
Net Income 2.42B 1.43B 1.06B 628.00M