DigitalOcean Holdings Inc


New York Stock Exchange. Currency in USD

26.41 -1.77 ( -6.28% )

Real time prices: December 19

Date 2021 2020 2019 2018
Gross Profit 257.97M 172.85M 132.56M 106.09M
Revenue 428.56M 318.38M 254.82M 203.14M
Cost Of Revenue 170.59M 145.53M 122.26M 97.04M
Cost Of Goods And Services Sold 170.59M 145.53M 122.26M 97.04M
Operating Income -11.19M -15.79M -29.91M -27.29M
Selling General And Administrative 153.47M 80.20M 71.16M 59.01M
Research And Development 115.68M 74.97M 59.97M 44.93M
Operating Expenses 269.15M 188.64M 162.47M 133.39M
Investment Income Net - - - -
Net Interest Income -3.74M -13.61M -9.36M -6.31M
Interest Income - - - -
Interest Expense 3.74M 13.61M 9.36M 6.31M
Non Interest Income 425.13M - - -
Other Non Operating Income 164,000 - - -
Depreciation 74.28M - - -
Depreciation And Amortization 645,000 75.57M 63.08M 52.41M
Income Before Tax -18.20M -42.66M -39.60M -34.78M
Income Tax Expense 1.30M 911,000 793,000 1.22M
Interest And Debt Expense 7.18M - - -
Net Income From Continuing Operations -19.50M -43.57M -40.39M -36.00M
Comprehensive Income Net Of Tax -19.63M - - -
Ebitda 73.92M 46.53M 32.84M 23.95M
Ebit -14.46M -29.05M -30.24M -28.47M
Net Income -19.50M -43.57M -40.39M -36.00M