Bath & Body Works Inc.


New York Stock Exchange. Currency in USD

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Real time prices: December 05

Date 2022 2021 2020 2019 2018
Assets 6.03B 11.57B 10.12B 8.09B 8.15B
Current Assets 3.01B 5.58B 3.25B 3.26B 3.29B
Cash and Cash Equivalents 1.98B 3.57B 1.50B 1.41B 1.51B
Cash And Short Term Investments 1.98B 3.90B 1.50B 1.41B 1.51B
Inventory 709.00M 572.00M 1.29B 1.25B 1.24B
Current Net Receivables 240.00M 269.00M 306.00M 367.00M 310.00M
Non Current Assets 3.02B 6.03B 6.88B 4.77B 4.86B
Property Plant and Equipment 1.01B 1.02B 2.49B 2.82B 2.89B
Accumulated Depreciation and Amortization 1.57B 1.40B 4.13B 3.92B 3.79B
Intangible Assets 793.00M 1.04B 1.04B 1.76B 1.76B
Intangible Assets Excluding Goodwill 165.00M 411.00M 411.00M 411.00M 411.00M
Goodwill 628.00M 628.00M 628.00M 1.35B 1.35B
Investments 3.34B 5.70B 4.05B 4.94B 5.04B
Long Term Investments - - - - -
Short Term Investments - 335.00M - - -
Other Current Assets 81.00M 52.00M 153.00M 232.00M 228.00M
Other Non Current Assets 149.00M 231.00M 218.00M 191.00M 190.00M
Other Non Current Assets 149.00M 231.00M 218.00M 191.00M 190.00M
Liabilities 8.89B 15.59B 12.32B 8.85B 9.10B
Current Liabilities 1.29B 2.83B 2.37B 1.99B 2.03B
Current Accounts Payable 435.00M 345.00M 647.00M 711.00M 717.00M
Deferred Revenue 296.00M 732.00M 342.00M 331.00M -
Current Debt - 0 61.00M 72.00M 87.00M
Short Term Debt 170.00M 594.00M 53.00M 72.00M 87.00M
Non Current Liabilities 6.25B 9.43B 9.25B 6.74B 6.87B
Capital Lease Obligations 1.16B 21.00M 13.00M 19.00M -
Long Term Debt 4.85B 6.37B 5.50B 5.74B 5.71B
Current Long Term Debt - - 61.00M 72.00M 87.00M
Non Current Long Term Debt 4.85B 6.37B 5.49B 5.74B 5.71B
Other Current Liabilities 464.00M 1.01B 648.00M 688.00M 960.00M
Other Non Current Liabilities 253.00M 290.00M 490.00M 1.00B 924.00M
Equity -1.52B 83.00M 52.00M 59.00M 24.00M
Treasury Stock 822.00M 358.00M 358.00M 358.00M 162.00M
Retained Earnings -1.80B -1.42B -2.18B -1.48B -1.43B
Shares Outstanding 254.00M 278.00M 277.00M 275.00M 280.00M
Net Income 1.33B 844.00M -366.00M 644.00M 983.00M