Aerojet Rocketdyne Holdings Inc


New York Stock Exchange. Currency in USD

55.60 +0.71 ( +1.29% )

Real time prices: December 19

Date 2021 2020 2019 2018
Assets 2.43B 2.90B 2.71B 2.49B
Current Assets 1.24B 1.66B 1.42B 1.23B
Cash and Cash Equivalents 700.40M 1.15B 932.60M 735.30M
Cash And Short Term Investments 711.00M 1.16B 932.60M 735.30M
Inventory 10.00M 10.00M 24.00M 14.90M
Current Net Receivables 436.90M 411.10M 380.00M 460.30M
Non Current Assets 1.20B 1.24B 1.29B 1.26B
Property Plant and Equipment 473.70M 469.90M 457.90M 399.70M
Accumulated Depreciation and Amortization 702.10M 658.30M 654.60M 642.70M
Intangible Assets 34.90M 44.80M 58.20M 71.80M
Intangible Assets Excluding Goodwill 34.90M 44.80M 58.20M 71.80M
Goodwill 161.40M 161.40M 161.40M 161.30M
Investments 951.40M 812.20M 1.17B 1.05B
Long Term Investments - - - -
Short Term Investments 10.60M 7.00M 0 0
Other Current Assets 78.70M 82.60M 81.40M 23.80M
Other Non Current Assets 469.50M 482.50M 490.40M 506.10M
Other Non Current Assets 469.50M 482.50M 490.40M 506.10M
Liabilities 1.90B 2.67B 2.13B 2.07B
Current Liabilities 875.80M 1.46B 869.90M 878.30M
Current Accounts Payable 132.20M 99.10M 127.30M 88.70M
Deferred Revenue 366.50M 407.20M 262.30M 272.60M
Current Debt 1.01B 1.49B 1.50B 1.52B
Short Term Debt 166.70M 299.90M 284.70M 273.10M
Non Current Liabilities 1.02B 1.21B 1.26B 1.19B
Capital Lease Obligations 41.50M 43.40M 45.60M -
Long Term Debt 294.60M 324.40M 352.30M 352.30M
Current Long Term Debt 164.80M 297.70M 282.60M 273.10M
Non Current Long Term Debt 541.90M 916.00M 352.30M 352.30M
Other Current Liabilities 210.40M 649.50M 195.60M 224.10M
Other Non Current Liabilities 729.70M 886.30M 1.26B 1.19B
Equity 533.50M 233.50M 576.70M 421.30M
Treasury Stock -64.40M -64.40M -12.70M -12.70M
Retained Earnings 91.90M -65.20M 244.90M 103.90M
Shares Outstanding 82.30M 80.90M 82.40M 79.70M
Net Income 143.70M 137.70M 141.00M 137.30M